Tips on Car Care in the Midsummer Arizona Heat

Picture this: It’s the middle of July and the 115-degree weather is becoming a bit too intense for your preference, you decide to take a weekend getaway to California to escape the Arizona heat. You reach the halfway point between Calexico and Yuma when suddenly your relaxing weekend getaway turns into a disaster in seconds – your check engine light glows and you’re forced to pull over.

With proper attention, care, and vehicle maintenance, these situations can be avoided. Unfortunately, your engine is not the only thing that you have to worry about. It’s no wonder why Phoenix is nicknamed The Valley of the Sun- it often feels as though you are living on the surface of the sun. The harsh UV rays and extreme heat can deteriorate the paint and interior surfaces of your vehicle.

Ric’s Body and Paint can assist you in taking steps to protect your vehicle and preserve your ride from the harmful effects of the extreme heat that Phoenix brings that can prevent costly repairs in the future. Keep your vehicle looking good and driving better by keeping these tips in mind.


Put that Shield up

Have you ever gotten into your car and the heat of the interior almost takes your breath away? Have you noticed small cracks on your dashboard, steering wheel or center console since the summer months have hit? These can all be avoided or improved by the simple use of a windshield sunshade. Preserve your interior while improving the temperature, it’s a win-win!

Sunglasses! (for your car)

According to Bloomberg Business-week, properly tinting your windows can help reduce glare, UV exposure, and heat, however, be sure that they adhere to Arizona state laws on tinting application.

Crack ‘em

The 115-degree heat is pretty miserable especially when your car has been baking in it. Cracking your windows to relieve some of the built-up heat that can prevent it from turning into an oven. These high heat temperatures can cause the interior to fade and deteriorate



Small pieces of dirt can easily scratch and damage the paint of your car. The infamous haboobs can also damage and leave water spots on the car paint. Regularly washing your vehicle can prevent damage to its topcoat, however, if it is permanently damaged, we provide services to make your ride look like new!

Wax, wax, wax

A simple coat of wax can protect your vehicle’s paint from dirt, sun damage, and water spots to make your car look shiny and brand new! Consumer reports recommend polishing your car in the spring and fall.

Don’t forget your Sunscreen!

If you don’t have the option to park in a garage or have other covered parking options, a car cover might be a good investment. Car covers are a great alternative to combat the heat, sun, and dirt from reaching your car. This weather-resistant car cover acts as SPF to your ride’s paint.

Look out for trees!

Finding a shady place to park will help keep the sun away and reduce your car’s interior temperature. If you have leather seats, you will thank us later when you don’t get your seat scorched when you sit down!

Keep up with your battery.

It is well known that the extreme desert heat depletes your vehicle’s battery. Make sure to regularly test your battery and keeping the top clean to preserve its lifespan.

The engine that could (not)

If heat affecting your car’s battery came as a surprise to you, then this may blow you away. High temperatures can hurt your engine. This is a common misconception because as long as you are driving, your engine is hot. But the engine itself is more apt to take a hit in the summer heat. The oil inside the engine oftentimes breaks down at extreme temperatures which can do a lot of damage. Regular oil changes are vital to your car’s health, at least every 3-5,000 miles.

Protecting your car from the Arizona heat will increase its longevity and keep it in better shape. Let us assist you in any issues that this extreme heat brings to your vehicle. For more auto tips and to contact us, visit our website to learn more!

Preventing Car Theft

Did you know in the U.S. alone, there is a car break-in every 44 seconds? 50% of these car thefts could’ve been prevented by the car owner taking simple precautions. It’s good to be reminded of some easy ways you can prevent falling victim to car theft because it’s always a possibility. Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Do not leave any types of keys visible from the window.
  2. Avoid having a hide-a-key on your vehicle. That is the oldest trick in the book and thieves are very aware of them.
  3. If you have a high-end car, invest in a kill-switch. They may be pricey but it will be worth it to prevent damage to a nice car that may require expensive repairs.
  4. Lock your car when getting gas. Carjackers are good at stealing items from the passenger seat while car owners are filling up with gas.
  5. Park in lit areas at night. A car is less likely to get broken into if it’s in an area that is lit up instead of in a dark area.
  6. If there any damages to your car from a theft, find a credible auto body shop with top-quality repairs and excellent service to make getting back on the road as painless as possible.

Here at Ric’s Body and Paint, we want to help you prevent carjackers from breaking into your car.

However, if you fall victim to a car theft and there are damages, Ric’s Body and Paint is here to help. Your safety and satisfaction is our goal here. Our friendly, experienced customer service team takes care of you from the time you come in for a free estimate until you drive away with your newly repaired car. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our services.