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A white toyota vehicle is driving in a snow storm

Tips to Avoid Auto Collisions On Snowy Roads

Driving in snowy conditions can be a very slippery subject. Even seasoned drivers who live in parts of the country with harsh winters can have a hard time driving on
A large deer standing in the middle of the road collisions

9 Tips To Avoid Animal Collisions On The Road

Coming across wildlife while driving is not uncommon, especially when driving close to the mountains, woods, or countryside. Drivers can come across all kinds of animals including deer, moose, elk,
A black car sitting in the middle of the road after enduring an accident

4 Tips to Stay Safe After An Accident

It’s never easy going through an accident. You must take precautions to ensure everyone remains safe until the authorities come. Learn more!
A paint technician is applying red eco-friendly car paint to a car Ric's Body & Paint

What Exactly is Eco-Friendly Car Paint?

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a call to action in most industries to be more sustainably responsible. Now more than ever, consumers are calling for businesses to incorporate
A driver is initating in safe driving and being cautious of bad drivers

Handling Bad Drivers on Arizona Highways

In case you haven’t heard, Arizona was ranked 6th in the country for bad drivers by SmartAsset. Their report was corroborated by another study from The Road Information Program highlighting
A repair expert is working on a car in a auto body shop

6 Questions to Ask Your Collision Repair Expert

You depend on your vehicle to pick the kids up from school, go shopping, make it to work, and go on vacation. So when it’s damaged in an accident, you

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