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Collision repair technician with sparks I-CAR Gold Certification

How I-CAR Gold Class Repair Technicians Provide Top-Notch Service

When you are in need of auto body repair, make sure the collision repair person working on your vehicle is qualified and properly trained. As a car owner, there is

Auto Accidents During COVID-19: What You Need to Know?

Today there seems to be a change on the roadways. People are remaining at home lessening the traffic. However, even though there are fewer vehicles on the road due to
technician repairing car frame rear-end collision hidden damages

The Hidden Damages of Rear-End Collisions

For any motorist, being a part of a vehicle collision is a stressful experience. Most rear-end collisions aren’t serious; they are the most common types of accidents in the United
man under a car repairing, Collision repair industry

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Collision Repair Industry

Like most businesses, the collision repair industry has been affected by the coronavirus. With the COVID-19 crisis causing communities to stay indoors and to only leave for essential needs, the

Ensuring Customer and Vehicle Safety During the COVID-19 Crisis

Providing A Safe Experience We know the COVID-19 crisis has been a major concern for most people around the world. As such we are committed to providing our customers the
auto body collision specialist buffing out fender

How to Become a Collision Repair Technician

With so many cars and trucks on the road, accidents happen every day. When they do, collision repair technicians are there to assess the damage and bring the vehicle back

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