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Ding or Dent? What’s the Difference?

Get a dent or a ding on your car?

Top Tips To Know After a Collision

Auto collisions can be a stressful and emotional experience. Many people prepare for the worst and drive defensively to prevent vehicle collisions, however, they still occur.  As soon as a

Paint Care 101

Caring for the paint on your car is the best way to keep it looking great year-round. Regularly polishing and washing it will provide extra protection to its exterior. Check

The History of Car Paint

The paint job is one of the first things people notice when looking at your car. Automobiles with bright color and high gloss topcoats are what draws people’s eyes. When

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

You have probably frequently seen, on the road or even in your own neighborhood, driver’s texting while driving. While stopped at a red light, or passing someone on the street,

Back to School Safety Driving Tips

Go slow, children at school. Back to school means sharing the road again. School days bring chaos with school buses picking up their passengers, kids on foot and bike hurrying

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