Common Collision Repair Services

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Repair Services Common After A Collision

When you are involved in a car accident that results in damage, it’s hardly ever an easy situation to go through. One of the most stressful tasks is finding the right collision shop to repair your car back to its original maintained state. There are several reasons to enlist an auto body repair shop, here are five of the most common collision services:


One of the most frequent problems auto repair mechanics see roll throw their shops are dents. They can happen for multiple reasons: hail damage, rocks, or most prominently, car doors. While most dents don’t cause significant damage, they can be an eyesore for many car owners.  If there is no damage to the paint and are under a golf ball size, they can be an easy fix!

Rear-End Collision

Whether you’ve been hit by a distracted driver, reverse back into a pole, or have been hit after a sudden stop, rear-end collisions happen all the time. This type of collision will typically affect the bumper, taillights, trunk, and quarter panels of your car. Even if the damage doesn’t seem too bad, it is important to bring your car to an auto body shop as there may be underlying damage.

Front-End Collision

When your car goes through a front-end collision, it will typically incur damage to its bumper, grill, headlights, and hood. This type of damage can not only affect how the vehicle looks, but it can cause havoc to important mechanical structures. It’s crucial to bring your car to a professional to examine the damage to find any underlying problems that may have occurred.

Whether you have minor dents or front-end collision damage, our skilled technicians will work efficiently to repair or replace all damaged parts to bring your car back to its original state before the accident. Contact or visit us today to let us know how we can help with your repair needs!

Keep Your Car’s Paint in Tip-Top Shape

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Whether you just bought a car or are preserving an older one, maintaining its paint job is important to make it look sharp and to retain its value. Without proper care, the car’s paint will become dull over time until eventually it will become so badly oxidized that it will need extensive paint repairs to restore it to its former glory.

What Do You Do?

Wash the Car

A simple precaution that will help keep your vehicle from oxidizing is washing it. By washing the car, you are getting rid of all the debris that collects on the road, such as dirt, oil, bugs, and other particles that find their way to your car’s surface.

Repair the Paint

The more you take the car out for a spin the more likely there will be damage. Inspect your car’s paint for any signs of damage such as scratches or white patches caused by oxidation. If the scratch is only minor, then you can fix it with a simple rubbing compound you can buy from any big box or auto parts store.

Wax Your Car‘s Paint

While you can polish your car’s paint to remove tiny scratches and marks, waxing your car can do just that as well as add another coat to its finish. When you wax your vehicle, you are adding an extra layer of protection against the elements. It is important to keep in mind that over-waxing can occur and eventually compromise the look of the paint.

Apply Sealant

For the paint to stay clean and crisp as long as possible, we recommend applying a sealant to the car’s surface. Much like wax, it will act as a shield against damage taken from everyday use.

If you need a repair to your car’s paint, Ric’s Body & Paint are here to help. Our expert painters will match your car’s color precisely to its manufacturers’ specifications. We guarantee our water-based, environmentally friendly paint will have your car looking like it just rolled out of the showroom floor.
Contact us to let us know how we can help you with your repair needs or drop by the body shop anytime. We work with all insurance companies and our estimates are always free!