Airbag Knowledge After a Collision

A deployed airbag after a vehicle collision

Many people are reminded of their airbag every time they get into their car and see the sign on their steering wheel, doors, or dashboard. Airbags are designed to prevent severe injuries and ultimately save lives. However, they have also been proven to be dangerous, which is why it is essential to know how they operate. 

How do airbags protect drivers and passengers?

Airbags work in conjunction with seatbelts to provide supplemental protection in the event of a crash. Airbags are generally located on the front and surrounding sides of the vehicle to protect your upper body, head, or limbs from hitting the hardest part of your car when it hits impact. When the airbag deploys, drivers often describe it as feeling like “you are being kicked in the face and chest by a very strong but fluffy bunny.” While the deployment of your airbags can be unforgettable, it will protect you from breaking bones and other abrasions. 

What to do if your airbag deploys?

If you get into a collision and your airbags deploy, it is essential to follow these steps to ensure your safety.

  1. Check for injuries – Your first priority should be your injuries. Be sure to check to see if you and your passengers are safe after the airbags deploy. 
  2. Turn off your vehicle – In most cases, the engine will turn off after your airbags deploy to prevent further damage such as explosions from oil leaks. If your car does not automatically turn off, be sure to take this extra step and exit the vehicle as soon as possible. 
  3. Examine the damage – Once you have ensured everyone’s safety, it is important to assess the damage. Call the police and be sure to take pictures to document the accident for insurance purposes.
  4. Replace the airbags – Airbag replacement can be expensive; however, it is very important. There is a good chance that your vehicle is totaled if the airbags get deployed; however, if there is minor damage, it is important to get the airbags replaced for future protection. 

A car accident can be a frightening and inconvenient experience and itis important that you have assistance in all areas. If you have extensive paint damage to the body of your car, be sure to call Ric’s Body and Paint to get your vehicle looking as good as new. 
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