Paint Care 101

A well polished red car that demonstrates great paint care

Caring for the paint on your car is the best way to keep it looking great year-round. A great example of paint care is regularly polishing and washing it will provide extra protection to its exterior. Check out a few tips that Ric’s Body & Paint recommends to keep you in the know and to keep your car looking great:

Regularly Wash the Exterior of Your Car 

Washing your car regularly will keep it free of dirt and debris that can accumulate over time. By washing your car every week, it should remain free of the dirt and road debris caused by everyday driving. If you are handwashing your car, make sure to apply pre-wash to loosen anything that could potentially scratch the paint. Avoid using dish or laundry soap as they are designed to remove grease and oil and could damage your car’s finish or strip the protective wax coating. 

Not All Blessings Come From Above

Bird droppings are extremely corrosive and the longer that they stay on car paint the greater the damage can become. Equally as damaging, the sticky film that covers the hoods of cars when parked under lime trees, this phenomenon is known as honeydew. It’s not as sweet as the fruit, but it makes the driver bitter, as it is the excrement of aphids. This film can burn itself into the paint in direct heat or sunlight and this damage is irreversible, which means it will have to be repaired professionally.

The Most Common Error: Neglect

As stated before, regularly washing your car is important. Failure to provide regular car washes is the most common error car owners can make. How often you wash and tend to your car depends on how often you use it, but a little extra care and wash can never hurt!

Shine Bright on the Road

If you’ve noticed that your car isn’t as shiny as it was the first day you got it, it’s time for polish. Car polish contains micro-fine abrasives that clean the paint surface without damaging it. The polish not only protects the car but also preserves the paint against the weather. Practice great paint care!

If your car has been subjected to one of the incidents above and is far past the ability to be fixed by its owner, contact us at Ric’s Body and Paint. We have been the Valley’s leading shop for collision and vehicle body repair for more than 40 years. For expert guaranteed service that will get your vehicle back on the road and looking better than ever, contact us today!  

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