Drive Away the Summertime Blues

Don’t let the heat get to you this summer. While temps may be triple digits here in the Valley, you live in one of the most beautiful states in the country. You’re only a car ride away from some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, sights that draw visitors from across the country, even from around the globe. Ric’s Body & Paint would like to tell you about a few of the destinations you should add to your summer “bucket list” of places to see in the Grand Canyon state.

The Grand Canyon.

It’s amazing that while Arizona is home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, many people who live here have never visited this National Park. It’s only a few hours north of the Valley and it’s worth the drive. While the Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and more than a mile deep, the number of “oohs” and “aahs” this majestic, awe-inspiring natural wonder has launched is incalculable. 


On your way to the Grand Canyon, stop off in Sedona to experience for yourself the beautiful red rock formations that encompass one of Arizona’s most beloved cities. Visitors are drawn to this area for its natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, hiking trails, and natural swimming pools. Sedona’s magnificent scenery will envelop you as you take it in from every angle.  


Between Sedona and the Grand Canyon, this lovely mountain town awaits you, with its laid-back vibe, natural wonders and a tangible sense of community. Flagstaff is home to the smallest of Arizona’s three state universities, Northern Arizona University, and you can enjoy the luscious scenery while basking in summer temperatures that are typically 30 to 40 degrees cooler than those in the Valley.

Lake Powell.

Nestled on the border of Arizona and Utah, this is one of the southwest’s most beautiful lakes. Its clean beaches, cooler temperatures and mix of outdoor activities – like swimming, fishing, and water skiing – make Lake Powell the cool getaway you not have thought of to escape the stifling heat of the Valley this summer.

Lake Havasu.

is another one of the landmarks that offer people a cooling mix of swimming, boating, and fishing opportunities. While temps can still reach 100 degrees this time of year, Lake Havasu still offers visitors an escape from the heat of the Valley. 

Monument Valley.

is another attraction right on the edge of Arizona and Utah. Monument Valley’s unique sandstone formations are iconic, having served as the backdrop for hundreds of Western movies filmed over the years. This area is part of the Navajo Nation and is home to the Navajo families who have lived there for generations. 

If you decide to drive to any of these or other Arizona destination this summer, make sure you – and your ride – are ready for the trip. Before you head out, check out these Summer Driving Tips compiled by Ric’s, and have a safe, fun and cool summer!

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