Pros and Cons of Owning a Convertible

Here in Arizona, as we say goodbye to the monsoons, welcome spring and gear up for another desert summer, you’ve probably noticed one thing as you drive around the Valley: as the temperatures go up, tops tend to go down. More and more drivers are giving in to the urge to roll down their windows to feel the warm air blow through. Convertible owners are going a step further and dropping the top, to soak up the sun and allow the wind to blow through their hair. If you’re a bit envious of the carefree attitude displayed by convertible owners, you may have even thought about trading in your hardtop for a ragtop. If you’re considering that, here are some pros and cons to convertible ownership.



Driving a vehicle without a roof and door frames will allow you to see more around you. It can also be easier to maneuver and park.


These days, convertibles can easily be transformed back into a coupe or sedan with just the push of a button. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds as you savor the wind in your hair and a roof over your head when the weather turns nasty.


Tall drivers who have trouble finding a car to suit their height enjoy the comfortable solution offered by convertibles.  


Many convertible owners love the classic, sporty look of driving with the top down, reminding them of the classic icons and movies of their childhoods.  


A less comfortable ride.

Convertibles can ride a bit rougher than their counterparts. Without having a fixed roof, a vehicle loses a major part of its structural support system; this can lead to what is referred to as chassis shudder. Reinforcing a car’s undercarriage doesn’t always compensate for having no roof, which can cause a rough ride over bumps in the road.


Even with their tops up, convertibles can be noticeably noisier than their hardtop brethren.


While technology and materials have improved, heavy rain and snow can still make a convertible susceptible to annoying leaks.  


An old-school convertible top can be an alluring invitation for a thief to break into a car, using nothing more than a knife. Of course, more modern metal tops are a way around this issue.

Interior aging.

The summer sun can take a toll on a convertible’s interior, causing its seats and dashboard, and other surfaces, to age prematurely.


Convertibles tend to be pricier than comparable coupes or sedans

Safety is another consideration if you’re thinking about a convertible. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has determined that, as a group, convertibles are not more likely to be involved in crashes but adds that some models are more associated with crashes than others. The IHS has an online tool you can use to assess a particular car’s insurance-risk score.

If you’re thinking about buying a convertible and have any questions about repair costs or anything else we can help you with, please contact Ric’s Body & Paint today!

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