Summer Driving Tips

Summer is almost here, and that means road trips, relaxation and family vacations. It also means more drivers on the road and more car accidents. School’s out, and young drivers are taking trips with their friends or going to summer jobs. Summer and fall are the most dangerous times of the year for drivers, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Here are three tips to staying safe on the road this summer.

Avoid distracted driving.

Whether you’re on vacation or heading to work, there will be drivers who are more distracted than usual. Don’t be one of them. Pull up navigation before leaving your driveway and don’t check your phone while driving. Avoid arguing with any passengers and bring entertainment for the kids. Lastly, strap down any loose items so there isn’t anything flying around in the back seats.

Don’t drive when drowsy.

Driving for hours and hours is hard on just one driver. Switch drivers every few hours if you can or pull over and recharge. Even a short nap can do a lot of good, as we all know. Another thing you can do is eat something to give yourself energy. But don’t drive when you’re tired. It’s not worth the risk.

Prepare your vehicle.

Especially for longer road trips, you want to be sure your vehicle is ready to face the heat and long hours. Get an oil change, tire rotation, fluid refills, and AC service to make sure you’re ready to roll. Checking your tires is extremely important because higher temperatures mean a higher chance of blowouts.

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