Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

A red chrome vehicle with an extended vehicle life

It may feel like summer in Arizona, but it’s still spring and there are plenty of things the season brings that can do damage to your car’s precious paint job. Yes, cars are tough. But that colorful coat of paint? Not so much. Here are four things to watch for right now.


Pollen doesn’t help those with springtime allergies, and it doesn’t help your car either. Tiny pollen particles can sneak into the small pores in your car’s paint job and release acid. If this happens enough, the acid can cause permanent staining, fading, and oxidation (decay). Flying pollen is inevitable, but what you can do is give your car a thorough wash with soapy water, which will block out the acids.


Not only is acid found in pollen, it’s also found in bugs. We’ve all found bug splatters on our windshields or bumpers. Acids found in bug blood can permanently damage your car’s paint, so cleaning up all of those bug guts as soon as possible is the best thing to do.

Bird waste.

Birds become more active in the spring and can leave surprises on our vehicles, especially when we park under that only tree in the parking lot. In Arizona, the sun’s powerful rays can bake those bird droppings right into your paint finish, leaving ugly stains and uric acid that can eat into the paint coat. Remove the droppings with a damp cloth to prevent permanent damage.


On those hot spring (and summer) days here in the Valley, other cars can fling up tar from the asphalt onto your vehicle. Tar is difficult to get off and can take your car’s paint right with it if removed the wrong way. Removing tar from your vehicle requires a special product to separate it from the paint.

Ric’s Body & Paint has been the Valley’s leading shop for collision and vehicle body repair for more than 40 years. We love our customers and know how important it is to have a functioning vehicle. We want to get you back on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible. Contact us for more information on our services and how to best protect your car this season.

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