This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Ride Some Love

February 14 is almost here, and you know what that means: expressing your love to that special someone in your life. Ric’s Body & Paint reminds you that cars and trucks need love, too. If your significant other has a special place in their hearts for their car or truck, we have some suggestions on sharing the love this Valentine’s Day.

Get your ride looking like a million bucks without dropping that kind of dough.

Give your partner a gift certificate for a complete auto detail. Driving a ride that looks refreshed and rejuvenated will make them look – or at least – feel years younger.

A car wash kit will help keep their vehicle looking good on a consistent basis.

You can also give a gift certificate to your favorite local car wash, to help your loved one’s car or truck sparkle between professional details.

Make sure their interior looks its best.

A portable vacuum will help your significant other keep their vehicle looking sharp inside.

A car cover will help protect your partner’s vehicle.

What’s more romantic than keeping their prized possession looking its best?  

A set of jumper cables shows you care.

Making sure your partner is self-reliant and will never be stranded by a dead battery is a great way to express your love.

Cut down on distracted driving with a phone mount.

This will allow your partner to focus on the road and not their phone while driving.

A radar detector will help them avoid costly tickets.

Help your loved one avoid speed traps, especially if they have a lead foot. Make sure it’s legal in your state to use a radar detector (it is in almost all states, including Arizona.)

If you need other suggestions for an auto-themed Valentine’s Day, contact Ric’s, and have a lovely February 14!   

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