Paint: Questions and Answers

Here at Ric’s Body and Paint we always want to be able to answer our loyal customers’ questions, especially when it comes to paint. Here are some of the top questions we hear from our customers concerning the color on their cars.

Q: What are the benefits of waterborne paint?
A: The paint is better for the environment. Less toxic is important since elevated concentrations of paint can persist in the air long after painting or repainting is completed, according to the EPA. Using waterborne paint creates healthier working conditions for our staff. Waterborne options reduces the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), improving air quality and reducing the health risk to everyone involved. For multiple shades and striping, waterborne paint has an advantage when it comes to spraying due to a thinner application.  It takes a less clear coat to even out the surface for the different layers. Wet coloring tends to have a different hue from the true color. Once it dries, the waterborne one will take on the true hue. We have found that waterborne options comes out cleaner and brighter than solvent-based.

Q: Can clear coat fade?
A: This is a tricky one. The answer is Yes and No.
Technically speaking, since the clear coat has no color, it cannot fade or lose its brightness. It can, however, become dull, but that’s not the same as fading and is more typically a sign of oxidation and the buildup of above surface contaminants.

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