Keeping it Green at Ric’s

A technician puts red paint on a car with eco-friend green painting

There is no better time than now to do what is best for the environment. As more research comes forward about how chemicals are affecting the environment, industries have started offering more environmentally friendly alternatives, and the auto body industry is no exception. It’s never been easier to go green!

Traditional auto-body paints are one of the most common air pollutants used in car manufacturing today because of the solvent chemical agents that reside inside the paint. These chemicals are called volatile organic compounds or VOCs for short. The most common chemicals found in auto paint are formaldehyde and ammonia. This is a serious issue because these chemicals are not only impacting the environment but also contribute to public health issues such as asthma and allergies. 

Auto shops across the nation are switching to waterborne refinish base coats to reduce the emission of VOCs. There is no loss in quality or durability to the paint if it is water-based. In fact, these waterborne paints have been in use for the past 10 years, but they have been rising in popularity more recently because of environmental issues.

Here at Ric’s Body & Paint, our paint experts have specialized training to apply our environmentally friendly, water-based paint to your vehicle. They work to precisely match your vehicle’s paint and have your vehicle looking as great as it did before the accident! Go green with us!

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