The 2017 Manager of the Year is…

Portrait of Dean manager of the year

As you may have noticed in our reviews, many customers mention Dean Slaughter as a key reason for this outstanding “customer first” experience Who is Dean? He is the Manager of Operations at Ric’s and for 2017, he is the Manager of the Year! As an integral part of Ric’s for the past 24 years, he has helped to build the foundation of outstanding customer service and quality repairs that our customers appreciate so much. He understands the importance of being honest and upfront with customers at all times. When a customer leaves our shop, he wants them to leave with a smile – happy about how the repairs were completed and feeling good about how they were treated throughout the process.

Even though many of our Yelp, Facebook and Google reviews mention Dean by name, he says it’s the entire team’s efforts that result in the rave reviews. And that’s exactly the sort of attitude that makes him such an effective – and beloved – manager at the shop. Here are just a few of the comments that employees shared about him:

“Dean isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty (literally)! He will jump into the mix, work beside you and do what’s necessary to get the job done … as a team!”

“Dean is not only a manager, he is a leader! His leadership skills are the glue to this team, making our team successful!”

“Most importantly, he always has our back! He is a great listener! He is always there when he’s needed, whether you are a customer or an employee!”

It’s clear that we love him, you love him, and he’s simply a joy to have as a leader on the Ric’s team. Dean works hard every day and genuinely cares about each customer and employee, and that’s why he’s our Manager of the Year!

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