New Car + High Tech Features = Pricey Repairs

We’ve all heard the old adage: the minute you drive a new car off the lot, it loses value. But did you know that new cars can also mean higher repair costs? Modern cars are complicated and expensive to fix, so much so that a repair estimate may leave you in shock.

As auto manufacturers prepare to mass produce self-driving cars, they have also been installing many smart, high-tech features in today’s standard cars. And while these exciting new technologies are groundbreaking advancements in increasing auto safety, they also come with hefty repair costs. Parts are more expensive and require more labor time from repair specialists.

Many of the newer tech features, such as adaptive cruise control and headlights, collision warning, park assist, and 360-degree cameras, are located on or near bumpers and fenders. And since the majority of accidents are fender benders, these tech features are particularly vulnerable to crashes. Removing and replacing a body part was never a quick fix, but when those parts include complex technologies that need to be repaired or replaced, the time and cost increase exponentially.

So what’s a new car owner to do? Find a shop you can trust before you need one. Some key attributes to look for are:

  • Technician training and certification. At Ric’s, our auto-body technicians receive ongoing training to maintain I-CAR Gold Class certification, so you can depend on us for quality repairs and a precision paint job.
  • Insurance coverage. You’ll want to find a shop that not only accepts your insurance, but all insurance carriers (since there may be another driver involved in the accident). Ric’s accepts all types of insurance and will even send the estimate (with photos) to your insurance company for you.
  • Customer satisfaction. Today, many people don’t even try a new restaurant without checking Yelp or other review sites first. Since your repair bill will be higher than a dinner tab, it just makes sense to check what other customers have to say.
  • Employees and communication. For body and paint repair, there’s a big difference between big chains and family-owned shops. At Ric’s, our honest, hard-working technicians never cut corners. We take care of our customers, from arranging transportation and providing updates throughout the repair process, to working directly with their insurance companies to resolve any issues.

If you have a new car that needs a repair, or just want to be prepared as a new car owner, come on by Ric’s at 14850 N 83rd Pl, in Scottsdale.

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