Five Epic Auto Fails

This month, we’ve compiled some of the biggest vehicle mistakes we could find – accidents, a braking test went wrong and even what happens when a speed bump does more than just slow down drivers. Buckle up and prepare to see some cringe-worthy moments that will remind you to drive carefully. Check out these auto fails!

1) After a Valley man, George Lindell, was involved in an accident, he told what happened to a news crew from Fox 10. His epic description went viral with more than 1.2 million views after he reminded viewers that “reality hits you hard, bro”.    

Later the Fox 10 anchors put their own spin on Lindell’s words in a music video that drew more than 10 million views.

2) Check out what happened when Volvo did a brake test on a new model. This might not have been so embarrassing for the Swedish automaker if it hadn’t invited reporters and camera people to witness their car rear-end a truck.

3) While we don’t have video of what happened when an 18-year-old driver ignored the posted speed limit in a residential neighborhood in the Bay Area city of Santa Rosa, California, we do know what it looked like after his BMW slammed into a house at 100 miles per hour. Slow down there, junior!

4) Some New Jersey drivers weren’t warned of especially large speed bumps that did untold damage to vehicles, prompting officials to lower their height and place reflective markers alerting drivers they were there. This move came too late, though, for one man who totalled his car driving over a nasty speed bump. As he told local reporters, “It put a hole the size of my fist in the bottom of the oil pan so it leaked all the way to Newark Airport and then the engine went dry and it seized up.” Ouch!

5) And, here’s what not to do when you’re performing your own car repairs. Bet this guy will leave it to the pros next time he needs to fix his car. 

You should definitely leave it to the pros when it comes to repairing your vehicle after you’ve been in an accident.  When you come to Ric’s Auto Body & Paint we’ll get your vehicle back in shape as soon as possible, whether the accident was caused by an epic fail or not.

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